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  • Impact Investing and Sustainable Population Growth: Exploring the Interlinkage

    Business Administration 1 Room 119

    What are the effects of investing in sustainability on long-term economic impact in India?Monica Singhania, Ph.D, is Professor at the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, and a Non-resident Fellow with the India Center at UCF. Dr. Singhania is the author of seven books on direct tax laws. In this talk, she will lead a discussion on impact investing …

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  • Ukraine and the Future of Security in Europe

    Fairwinds Alumni Center: Ballroom A

    Hello Global Knights GPII is honored to host Lieutenant General (Retired) Ben Hodges, the former Commanding General of US Army Europe. The discussion will focus on the ongoing war in Ukraine and the critical security commitments for the European Union to deter the Russian threat. The conversation will include US foreign policy toward Ukraine and its role in the changed …

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