Violence Prevention Certificate Series: Title IX

Monday, March 28, 2022 11 a.m. to noon

Let’s Be Clear is offering a series of virtual and in person leadership opportunities through our Violence Prevention Certificate Series to teach students how to support and care for fellow Knights. This series of workshops provides students with an understanding of topics related to interpersonal violence, Title IX, safety, and how to connect students who may be impacted. Students who complete all workshop sessions (Green Dot, Title IX, and Cares) and a Victim Services webcourse will receive the Let’s Be Clear Violence Prevention Certificate to add to their resumes and professional development. This spring, sessions will be offered through Zoom and in person. Students can sign up by emailing to receive the Zoom log-in and locations prior to the event start date/time.

Title IX (Zoom): 1/25 @3pm, 2/4 @11am, 3/2 @3pm, 3/17 @1pm, 3/28 @11am, 4/7 @3pm

Green Dot (Zoom): 3/2 @11am

Green Dot (In Person): 4/6 @11am

Cares (Zoom): 1/27 @2pm, 2/11 @11am, 3/1 @3pm, 4/15 @1pm

Cares (In Person): 2/15 @1pm, 3/31 @11am

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Lets Be Clear Violence Prevention Certificate Series