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Thursday, November 11, 2021

  • Elections and Appointments (E&A) Committee Meeting (Recurring Event)

    STUN 350

    E&A, the Elections and Appointment Committee is one of the four Internal Committees in the Legislative Branch. The E&A Committee’s job is to oversee the rules and procedures of a Student Government Election, which is found in Title VI: The Election Statues. Additionally, the committee also presides over the appointment process, where appointees must attend a hearing within the committee …

    Student Government
  • Disability Caucus Meeting (Recurring Event)

    SG Conference Room: SG-350

    The Disability Caucus was created with the main goal of representing and advocating for students with disabilities on campus. Our plan is to work with various SG members, RSOs, and departments to create a forum within the student body and then work as a task force to solve issues brought up through means of legislation or bringing awareness to them …

    Student Government
  • Senate Executive Committee (Recurring Event)


    The Senate Executive Committee is comprised of Senate leadership. The committee meets to dicusses legislative and administrative business. 

    Student Government
  • Student Government Senate (Recurring Event)

    Student Union: Charge on Chamber

    The Legislative Branch (or Student Body Senate) is composed of 72 student leaders who are elected by the student body each year. Our Student Body Senate provides students and organizations with the funds necessary for travel and conference registration, as well as for campus-wide events and projects. Also, through various committees, Senate has great impact on issues that directly regard the …

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