Events in the College of Arts and Humanities

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

  • Drop-In Drafting Lab (Recurring Event)

    Trevor Colbourn Hall 109: Trevor Colbourn Hall 109

    Starting a writing assignment, and don’t know where to begin? The University Writing Center’s Drop-In Drafting Lab can help! No appointments required — you can drop in during our open hours and: clarify assignment expectations develop a plan brainstorm ideas or just spend time writing!  Any and all writers are welcome! The Drafting Lab will be unavailable on the following …

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  • Living Well with AI: Virtue, Education, and Artificial Intelligence


    Artificial intelligence technologies are becoming ubiquitous. We must determine how to live well alongside AI. Currently, the most prominent candidate answers follow a principlist approach. We find the dominant principlist approaches to be ill-suited to providing forward-looking moral guidance regarding living well with artificial intelligence. In contrast, we argue for an Aristotelian virtue ethics approach to artificial intelligence ethics. Aristotelian …

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