Thursday, March 24, 2022

  • FreshU Mobile Kitchen Demonstration (Recurring Event)

    Wellness and Health Promotion Services: Building 88 Room 111

    Wellness and Health Promotion Services presents the FreshU Mobile Demonstration Kitchen. FreshU Kitchen Cooking Demos teach students how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets and reduce food waste. Students will get to see the process, taste the dish, and take home a recipe card so they can try making it themselves later.

  • Couponing 101 (Recurring Event)

    RWC: 206

    Do you want to learn how to save money the right way and get items for little to no cost. If you do come, check out our Couponing 101 classes.

  • CANCELED: ACT Training

    MSB 360: 360

    Ask questions. Call 911. Take action. “ACT because you care” is based on the premise that micro-influencers who are easily recognized and relevant to the student population are able to encourage others to engage in well-being behaviors. The curriculum teaches influencers well-being skills and intervention methods for emergency situations. Influencers can develop the skills to prevent harmful substance use behaviors and learn …