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Monday, August 02, 2021

  • Conference, Registration, & Travel (CRT) Committee Meeting (Recurring Event)


    CRT, the Conference, Registration, and Travel Committee is one of the three Fiscal Committees in the Legislative Branch that funds Students and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to attend Conferences, Research Presentations, and/or Competitions. Applications and other requirements can be found on the SG website under Funding. For meeting link, please email SG Advisor Brodie Taylor at

    Student Government
  • Government Affairs and Policy (GAP) Committee Meeting (Recurring Event)

    Student Union: Charge on Chamber and Virtual

    The Government Affairs and Policy (GAP) Committee is one of the four Internal Committees in the Legislative Branch which serves to increase student engagement with civic education and current events. The GAP committee facilitates relationships between the Student Body, local elected Representatives and Government Officials. Serving as a non-partisan research committee to connect students to issues, proposals, and changes that …

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