Tuesday, January 30, 2024

  • Preparing a Research Poster (FURC)

    Trevor Coulborn Hall 201: TCH 201 and Virtual

    Learn how to be submit a great application to a research symposium/conference. This workshop is ideal for students planning to apply to the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference. All workshops are first come, first serve unless otherwise noted. Note: This workshop is for students already working on a research project.

    Summer B 2022
  • Napercise (Recurring Event)

    RWC@Downtown: Group Exercise Studio

    Join us for a power nap! Napercise is a safe space for students to take a nap to do some sleep hygiene. The nap session is about 30 minutes in length and we provide blankets and yoga pillows.

    Summer B 2022
  • UCF Downtown Couponing Workshops (Recurring Event)


    Thinking of a New Year's Resolution to help your Budget!  Why not come and join us for virtual couponing? Learn the basics of couponing and save money on grocery items during our Virtual Couponing Workshops.

    Summer B 2022
  • Fitness Assessments (Recurring Event)


    Come on in for a FREE Fitness Assessment from one of our Certified Personal Trainers! Below is a list of services offered during Open Hours:• Fitness Assessments • Body Composition analysis using InBody Scanner• Question + Answers with a Personal Trainer• Weight Floor Orientation, a time to ask questions about equipment in our facilities.

    Summer B 2022