Tuesday, February 27, 2024

  • Blind Date with a Book 2024 (Recurring Event)

    Downtown Campus Library: DPAC 265

    Let's celebrate love this February by not judging books by their covers. Visit the Downtown Campus Library during the month of February to find a new book to fall in love with. We have taken selections from our popular reading collection and wrapped them and decorated them with dating profiles. Each book's dating profile is written to get you interested, …

    Summer B 2022
  • Napercise (Recurring Event)

    RWC@Downtown: Group Exercise Studio

    Join us for a power nap! Napercise is a safe space for students to take a nap to do some sleep hygiene. The nap session is about 30 minutes in length and we provide blankets and yoga pillows.

    Summer B 2022
  • UCF Downtown Couponing Workshops (Recurring Event)


    Thinking of a New Year's Resolution to help your Budget!  Why not come and join us for virtual couponing? Learn the basics of couponing and save money on grocery items during our Virtual Couponing Workshops.

    Summer B 2022
  • Sources and Sorcery: The Ethics of Creating, Curating, and Consuming Media

    L3 Harris Engineering Building and Virtual

    Dr. Deni Elliott of University of South Florida will speak about the ethics of consuming, sharing, and generating media.  The change from analog to digital media transformed the creation, curation, and consumption of media in ways as earthshattering as the printing press and the telegraph. Every person accessing the internet has power to create, curate, and consume mass communication, whether used …

    Summer B 2022