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Monday, November 16, 2020

  • IEW- Opening Event

    IEW Zoom8: Zoom

    Join the celebration as UCF welcomes the opening of International Education Week 2020! Hear remarks by UCF President Alexander Cartwright and others as we explore the calendar of events for the amazing week ahead! Also streaming live on UCF Global YouTube: https://youtu.be/SqHFr_k-gbg

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  • IEW-Understanding the International Student Experiences: Creating an Inclusive Environment

    IEW Zoom40: Zoom

    This interactive session aims to increase awareness of the personal, academic, and cultural challenges international students encounter to enhance inclusive practices that positively transform the experiences of international students.

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  • IEW- Russian Language and Literature in International Education

    IEW Zoom9: Zoom

    Russian language, culture, and literature play an important role beyond Central and Eastern Europe, affecting the international community as a whole. To develop an understanding of this complex country and its people, participants will have a presentation based on the history and current facts.

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  • IEW- ISA Language Exchange

    IEW Zoom36: Virtual

    ISA welcomes back all international students to celebrate the diversity at UCF. Join us for a Virtual Language Exchange where students will be able to learn and celebrate different languages around the world. The event will consist of three different breakrooms where students can learn and practice Vietnamese, Spanish or French. At the end of the event, all students will …

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  • IEW- Contribution of Mexican Immigrants to Local Gastronomy

    IEW Zoom33: Zoom

    We will show how Mexican restaurant owners contribute to the gastronomy and the economy of Florida

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  • IEW- Cultures Around the World

    IEW Zoom48: Virtual

       Presentation on France

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  • IEW- A Virtual Tour Around the Russian Embassy: History and Culture

    IEW Zoom46: Virtual

    The presentation is organized by the Russian American Students’ Association at UCF. Coordinators are Mariana Kellis (R.A.S.A president) and Dr. Kourova (R.A.S.A adviser). Guest Speaker, Natalia Rydvanova, Cultural Office of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Washington D.C.

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