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Thursday, November 19, 2020

  • IEW- Understanding our Hispanic Communities: Case of Puerto Rico

    IEW Zoom23: Virtual

    In this panel, participants will talk about their role and experiences as a leaders in the Puerto Rican community in Florida. They will also discuss current projects supporting the Hispanic community and share some success stories with the audience Also streaming live on UCF Global YouTube:https://youtu.be/fRVRK5be7O4

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  • IEW-Dailies and Delicacies: Getting a Taste of Pompeii

    IEW Zoon24: Virtual

    Welcome to our gustatio, a light lunch of starters! We will share a virtual tasting of daily fresh breads, herbed olives in oil, and drink a full-bodied raisin wine or posca, a cold, watered-down vinegar. This “structure of taste,” strongly correlated with the philosophy and worldview of those living in Pompeii, at times serves as a barrier for us in understanding a …

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  • IEW- Livestream DJ Dance Party

    ISA Instagram: Instagram

    Tune in for an international dance party with one of UCF’s very own international student DJs. Showcasing party music from all over the world, it is sure to be a great mid-day pick-me-up! We will be livestreaming from Instagram @isaucf !

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  • IEW- Tertulia en español

    IEW Zoom45: Zoom

    Let's have a virtual lunch together and be part of an exchange of cultural expressions. "Tertulia en español" is an informal gathering in Spanish hosted by the Spanish Graduate Association (SaGA). We will start with a"mini crítica" and everyone is welcome to join the conversation. Bring your favorite poems, pieces of literature, instruments and stories. Education also happens while we …

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  • IEW-More Than Just Study Abroad: Learn about Service-Learning, Research and Internship Programs Abroad with International Studies Abroad

    IEW Zoom25: Virtual

    This presentation will provide information on a broader spectrum of international opportunities available to UCF students. Presented by UCF Abroad’s partner, ISA, students will learn about program options, application procedures, and scholarship possibilities.

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  • IEW- Paint a Mini Canvas

    IEW Zoom24: Virtual

    Join us for a live painting tutorial lead by UCF Global’s own Tamara Bayati. We will learn different artistic techniques and end the hour with a finished painting! All demo kits are reserved, please gather your own supplies if you were unable to sign up. Supplies needed: One 8×10 size canvas, 3 paint brushes sizes 3, 8, and 16 (2 …

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  • IEW- Teaching and Learning in American Universities: Professional Development Opportunity for J-1 Exchange Visitors

    IEW Zoom39: Zoom

    This brief session will highlight a training opportunity for visiting scholars at the University of Central Florida offered by the UCF Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Offered in Spring 2021, this course is designed specifically for visiting scholars to enhance their teaching skills and learn more about the differences between the American university system and university systems around the …

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  • IEW- Movie in the park

    UCF Arboretum

    Join UCF Global and the UCF Arboretum for a screening of Ilusiones SA, which tells the story of a man who goes to great lengths to make his wife’s final wish come true. We will have the opportunity to have a Q&A with the cast and director. Bring your own blanket or chairs, and make it a picnic complete with your own …

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