Academic advising hours, workshops, and events for CCIE undergraduate students.

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

  • Project FOCUS Weekly Personalized Sessions Summer/Fall 2024

    UCF Teaching Academy

    The Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute (TJEEI) invites you to join Project FOCUS, a series of 10 coaching sessions designed to enhance the academic performance of individuals experiencing school-related challenges such as organization, planning, and memory. Participants receive personalized assessments and in-person coaching sessions facilitated by trained coaches on UCF’s main campus. Coaching sessions are available during the summer and …

    CCIE Undergraduate Affairs Events
  • Clinical Education Training Workshop

    Teaching Academy

    The School of Teacher Education invites you to attend this two-week Clinical Education Training (CET) workshop. This informative workshop is for teachers who want to become certified to supervise teacher candidates and interns in the classroom. The CET workshop will focus on Florida’s current state curriculum. Register today to reserve your spot!

    CCIE Undergraduate Affairs Events